How to Legally Change Your Name ?  

        If you wish to change your name legally, it is an easy process, but first you need to know the list of conditions which will not allow you to change your name. They are, (a) for deceitful reasons, (b) to change to a name that has been trademarked, (c) to add numbers to your name, like 911, and (d) to include or only use violent or objectionable words.

These are the steps to change your name legally:

        Your name change procedure will be handled either by a civil, superior, or a probate court. Check with your county court or the local courthouse to find out which court you must go to. Get yourself a name change form, which you can easily download from the internet. Make sure that they are current though, since the laws do keep changing from time to time. Next, fill up the forms and then go and file them at the right court. Remember to keep a photocopy for your personal file. Your forms may either be immediately approved, or a court hearing will be called if your application falls under one of the conditions listed above. Once your name change forms are signed off, you may have to collect them in person, or they could be mailed to you.

        The court will ask you to place an advertisement in a particular newspaper, and the relevant authorities will make note your new name once the advertisement has appeared. Thereafter, the authorities will dispatch an affidavit to you, which you need to return to the court clerk. Then, the court will then authorize the order granting you the name change, and this order will contain your new name.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



How to Legally Change Your Name

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