How to Stop Collection Agency Harassment ?  

        A debt collection agency is a third party that financial institutions use to collect their dues from debtors. Most of the time, these debt collectors behave in a high-handed manner and use methods that are often described as harassing.

        Unfortunately, most consumers are unaware that they do not need to face this kind of harassment, since the law has something called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act in place, which is aimed primarily at ensuring fair debt collection and put an end to harassment from collection agencies.

        The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or FDCPA is meant to stop unscrupulous or offensive practices, when it comes to collecting consumer debts. Collection agencies have a number of ways to harass consumers; they would call relentlessly at the workplace or during odd hours, or may even use violent means. Use of offensive language and false claims of being a law enforcement officer also come under collection agency harassment. The first step towards putting an end to collection agency harassment is to send them a ‘cease and desist’ notice, ideally through a legal professional, and through certified mail service.  

        Federal law states that collection agencies can only be in touch with you legally, once in receipt of such a notice. If the calls and other forms of harassment still do not stop, the consumer will be within his or her rights to take legal actions against the debt collection agency. If the calls still continue after the collection agency has received the consumer’s notice, recording those calls can help make the latter’s case stronger.





How to Stop Collection Agency Harassment ?

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How to Stop Collection Agency Harassment ? )
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