Reasons Why a Family Member Should Not Be Your Interpreter  

       Taking the help of a family member or a friend as an interpreter in a formal setting has its rewards -- their presence is comforting and the familiarity can allow the best possible interpretation of what is on your mind.

       However, it is said that taking a friend or family member along as an interpreter is not as helpful as you thought it would be, and there are three reasons in support of this idea.

       Firstly, your family members or friends will always look out for you, and hence cannot be considered neutral parties. Their emotional involvement with you may often make them want to convey certain things to you in ways they were not originally said. As a result, when a message is being interpreted by a friend or family member, there is always the chance that it may not be reaching you in its truest form.

       Next, even though your friend or family member is fluent in the language being spoken by the other party, chances are they may not be familiar with certain technical, legal or medical terms, which will not be the case if the services of a professional interpreter were used.

       It is always advised that when you need an interpreter for professional or serious matters, you must go with someone who is not part of your family or a friend. Apart from the possibility of inaccurate information being conveyed to you, it may also lead to trust issues and then eventually, cracks in your relationship with your friend or family member.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Reasons Why a Family Member Should Not Be Your Interpreter

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Reasons Why a Family Member Should Not Be Your Interpreter )
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