When Should You Re-Write Your Will ?  

        If there is a divorce taking place in your life, then it is important that you either have your existing will revised, or have an altogether new one drawn up by your attorney.

        Most people change their wills after a divorce or after signing a separation agreement, and there is sound logic behind that. If you have healthy financial assets, which include substantial amounts in real estate, pension funds, cash, gold, brokerage accounts and life insurance, you may not like all of it to go to your spouse if your divorce process is still not finalized. The law provides that in the event of your death before having completed a separation agreement or getting a divorce decree, and the presence of a will that grants your spouse all or some of the assets you own, he or she will legally inherit everything as per the existing will. This means that your estate will be handled as if divorce proceedings had not been initiated in the first place! A separation agreement invariably takes away estate rights from both parties, but if it is not signed and one of the involved parties dies, the document will become invalid. The result can only be different if the deceased party‚Äôs will was altered before the proceedings for the divorce or separation were initiated.

        So if you are in the middle of a separation or a divorce, and would like to alter what you left to your spouse earlier, making the necessary changes in your will is a must.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



When Should You Re-Write Your Will ?

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When Should You Re-Write Your Will ? )
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