Dealing with an Auto Malfunction Accident  

         Auto accidents are a frequent occurrence, and are considered one of the prime causes of death in the United States. Hence it is of paramount importance that people are educated on the various different and reasons which lead to auto accidents, and one of the prime reasons that lead to such fatalities is auto malfunction.

         Auto malfunction occurs then a vehicle has defects, and instead of being a means of safe transportation, it comes with serious defects which can cause accidents and cause serious harm to its occupants and others on the road. Defects in auto parts which lead to malfunction are many. For starters, there are tire defects that cause accidents, which result from mismatched tires, or use of tires which were in storage for a long time. Then there are head rests defects like badly designed headrests that lead to neck and spine injuries. Air bag defects occur when they either refuse to deploy or do so needlessly, resulting in injuries, gas tank defects that lead to fires and explosions, while defective seat belts can result in head on collisions. The injuries that result from exposure to auto malfunction are amputation, concussions, quadriplegia, partial or total paralysis of the body, ruptured disc, broken ribs or bones, and bruises.

         People involved in auto malfunction accidents can claim damages against the faulty parties on various grounds, like disfigurement, disability of a permanent nature, lost wages, medical costs, and mental agony including embarrassment, shock, loss of dignity, grief, and special damages.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Dealing with an Auto Malfunction Accident

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Dealing with an Auto Malfunction Accident )
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