Employment Arbitration Made Simple  

          Arbitration clauses in agreements is quite commonplace, particularly in employment related agreements. However, many people are still not very clear about what exactly the arbitration clause denotes.

          In plain terms, arbitration takes place when a dispute between two parties is settled out of court, with assistance from an arbitrator or a third party, who has a neutral stand in the matter. Though it is not imperative that the arbitrator be a lawyer, people often choose to use the services of an employment attorney, when it comes to matters of employment arbitration. Most companies include arbitration clauses in their employment contracts, hence it is very important that an employee reads and understands the fine print clearly, before signing on the dotted line. He must be aware of the rights he is giving up by agreeing with the arbitration clause, like the right to take legal action against his employers in case of unlawful termination, any kind of discrimination or similar. The reason why it is so important to be careful when signing an arbitration clause is because arbitration is not a matter that is resolved in court. Which means the arbitrator’s decision must be accepted as binding and cannot be appealed; there will be no jury to hear out the employee, and he cannot go to a higher court.

          Though it must be mentioned here that there are a few advantages that come with arbitration -- the process is more informal and faster than court proceedings, can be planned as per the involved parties’ convenience, and the arbitrator’s fees are lesser than what would have been billed by a lawyer.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Employment Arbitration Made Simple

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Employment Arbitration Made Simple )
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