Facts and Information about Train Accidents  

        The Federal Railroad Administration defines a train accident as ‘a derailment, collision, or other event that involves the operation of on track equipment’. Train accidents primarily happen due to one of these reasons -- derailment, collision with pedestrians, a bus, a car or another train, the train conductor’s carelessness, inadequate security measures, and mechanical failure which includes ill-maintained tracks.

        The usual perception is that a train accident is less fatal when compared to other types of accidents, like a car, motorcycle or bus accident, but the truth is that train accidents cause devastation that could be far more disastrous than other accidents. Sometimes the effects of a train accident are not limited to only the people on board, but extend to an entire town or community, especially if the train was carrying hazardous chemicals. The number of train accidents has constantly been on the rise since 1997, which means more and more people are being exposed regularly to the risk of being in a train accident.

        The Federal Highway Administration records show that every two hours, there is a train accident happening somewhere in the United States. Statistics show that in 2005, 33 people lost their lives and around 730 people sustained injuries from train accidents.

        The most common injuries suffered by people who have been in a train accident are amputation, blindness and injuries to the back, spinal chord, neck and eyes, and broken bones. With the implementation of proper safety measures and more attentiveness, train accidents can be kept under check.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Facts and Information about Train Accidents

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Facts and Information about Train Accidents )
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