How to Make a Citizen's Arrest ?  

        Most countries in the world have empowered civilians with the right to stop a criminal act. Though the rules may differ, stated below are some essential facts you must know, should you ever be in a situation where you can prevent a crime.

        Notify the authorities if possible. Usually the police advocate that a person call the local law enforcement authority rather than taking steps on his or her own to stop a crime. Sometimes, making a citizen’s arrest may put you and others around you in more serious trouble than you can think of. Remember, it should only be done in an emergency, and detailed descriptions of the criminals and accurate license plate numbers may be enough for the local police to nab the culprits.

        Assess the situation well. You may get into problem if you have made a false accusation, or have assaulted a person without reasons you can prove. A citizen's arrest is best made when you have seen the act being committed, which does not leave any room for ambiguities. Remember, a howling child with a suspicious looking adult does not necessarily mean that the little one is being abducted.

        Yell "Stop!" and tell the suspects they are under citizen’s arrest. Inform the suspects in a loud and forceful manner that they must stop their act and that they cannot leave till the cops arrive.

        Let the police know who you are. When the police reach the crime scene, tell them who you are, what you witnessed and the reason behind making the arrest. Remain calm and do not fumble. You may also be needed to be present in the court as an eyewitness.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



How to Make a Citizen's Arrest ?

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How to Make a Citizen's Arrest ? )
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