Negotiating for Employment Severance Packages  

         These days employees often switch jobs, and when ties between an individual and his current employer are broken, there surfaces the matter of an employment severance package.

         When an employee leaves his current organization because he has decided to resign from his services, has reached the retirement age as per company rules, gets fired or is laid off, employers may have to give him a severance package. The US currently has no laws that demand that all employers must give severance packages. Hence when an employer does extend this benefit to an employee who has severed his ties with the organization, it is considered a voluntary act on the employer’s part. Employers, who do give severance packages, do so if a verbal commitment had been made to the employee, in the event a written contract to this effect exits, there is mention of it in the employee handbook of the company, or if the company provides severance packages to all employees who leave the organization.

         There are a number of benefits that an employee may negotiate for, to be included in a severance package, provided of course they have right to do so. These usually include uncontested unemployment claims, mutually acceptable letter of reference and health insurance benefits. Employees may also ask for outplacement services or the assistance of an outplacement firm in finding a suitable job elsewhere.

         Employment severance packages can be extremely beneficial, since an employee who is suddenly out of a job can do with all the financial support he can get till he finds his feet again. WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Negotiating for Employment Severance Packages

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Negotiating for Employment Severance Packages )
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