Power Of Attorney or Guardianship -- Which is Appropriate for Someone With Alzheimer’s?  

        A power of attorney is a type of legal document that allows you to authorize another person to act on your behalf and manage your business and financial affairs.

        Considered a lifesaver, power of attorney is very helpful in situations when you are not in a position to handle your affairs by yourself, usually following a serious accident or a prolonged illness. The person authorized by you will be able to carry out specific actions on your behalf, as stipulated in the document, managing your properties, paying bills, cashing checks, withdrawing money from your bank accounts and similar activities. Guardianship refers to a relationship authorized by a probate court, giving an individual or the guardian, powers to decide on all personal matters of another, referred to as the ward. Guardianship proceedings can be initiated by a family member or a friend. A petition needs to be filed, in the probate court, which may be followed by a medical examination conducted by a licensed physician. There is also another kind of legal arrangement that can be made, called conservatorship. This is a type of legal relationship that is put in place by the probate court, giving an individual or the conservator, powers to make decisions related to the finances of another, also referred to as the protectee.

        Court proceedings for conservatorship are just like those of a guardianship, but in this case, it is up to the court to decide whether an individual needs someone else to handle his or her financial affairs. WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Power Of Attorney or Guardianship -- Which is Appropriate for Someone With Alzheimer’s?

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Power Of Attorney or Guardianship -- Which is Appropriate for Someone With Alzheimer’s? )
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