The Wrong Side Of Criminal Law  

         When you have been arrested by law enforcement officers for violating the criminal law, you must realize that you are in a serious situation and any slip on your part could cost you your freedom. Read on and follow these few steps to make sure you get out of the mess with minimum hassles.

         Being on the unfriendly side of criminal law is dangerous, so the first thing you must do is not make any mistakes, knowingly or otherwise. Specific steps need to be followed both by the police and you, and even a slight deviation from the rules could result in serious consequences. This is the time you need to keep your wits about you, pool in all your resources, and make sure you have things working for you in every possible way. The golden rule you need to stick to after being arrested on criminal charges is this – be quiet. Never say anything or answer any questions that may land you in more trouble. You have the right to remain silent, so exercise that right. Buckling under interrogation is quite common, and all the heat may make you say things that could be harmful. Your best option under such circumstances is to remain respectfully silent till your lawyer takes over.

         Next, get your lawyer to visit the station as soon as possible. He will know the intricacies of the situation and will help you navigate through. Throughout all this, always remember that you must remain as calm as possible. Do not try to resist or you will be only aggravating the situation.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



The Wrong Side Of Criminal Law

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The Wrong Side Of Criminal Law )
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