Using Victims Assistance  

        Criminal victimization is an experience that has the power to scar an individual for life. Thankfully, there is proper counseling and support available to day that can help victims regain control of their lives.

        Victim’s assistance can be in many forms, from legal support to medical assistance, to housing and general rehabilitation. The principles of international law state that all states must provide support to all victims of crimes.

        When it comes to victim’s assistance, the United Nations Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power states, “Victims should receive the necessary material, medical, psychological and social assistance through governmental, voluntary, community-based and indigenous means. Victims should be informed of the availability of health and social services and other relevant assistance and be readily afforded access to them."

        Victims are entitled to basic human rights, and any other rights that must be taken into account, based on their age, gender and special circumstances. Violence of any kind against children and women are unacceptable in civilized societies all over the world. Domestic violence is a huge concern and relentless efforts are being made to protect and empower and rehabilitate women, and to make the general public aware of domestic violence and its outcome.

        Those who are victims of trafficking need special assistance in transit countries as well as when they are sent back home. When it comes to child victims, extra special care is needed to make the nightmare gradually disappear and life return to normal once again.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Using Victims Assistance

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Using Victims Assistance )
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