What Is Probate And Why Is It Necessary ?  

         Death of a family member is never an easy thing to handle. Once you have gone through the grieving stage, you must face the task of handling all affairs related to the deceased, which basically means sorting out property, finance and all asset-related issues.

         Probate is the legal term given to the period from when a person passes away and till all claims against his or her estate have been settled. Probate, in other words, means that no property or other assets can be dispersed as per the deceased’s will, or sold off, until debts in his or her name have been paid off. For those individuals or companies who have been waiting collect from the deceased, this is the time they are supposed to use to claim their shares. Probate issues are handled by the courts, who are the only ones authorized to handle such matters.

         How it works is that once the person has been declared dead, the courts have the right to seal off his or her entire estate, for a stipulated period of time. Meanwhile, a public notice is issued, asking all those who wish to make a claim against that particular estate, to approach the courts. If no claims are made within the specified time period, the property is officially handed over to the person who has been left in charge of the deceased’s estate.

         Matters relating to probate must always be addressed through an attorney, who will be the best person to guide you through this process.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



What Is Probate And Why Is It Necessary ?

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What Is Probate And Why Is It Necessary ? )
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