When Are Employers in Violation of Whistle Blowing Laws?  

       Employees who lodge complaints about company misconduct such as safety or health violations, manipulation of shares or similar, are called ‘whistleblowers’. Since employees who ‘blow the whistle’ are always scared of facing the wrath of their employers, there are federal and state laws in place, designed to protect them and as well as those employees who may be involved in the matter in an indirect manner.

       The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or EEOC stipulates that no employer has the right to demote, hassle, terminate or strike back against an employee who has filed a charge, or has taken part in an investigation against the organization. One or all of the above will lead to an employer rendering himself in violation of whistle blowing laws. Since retaliation or ‘adverse action’ from employers happens often, it is important that every employee be aware of their rights regarding violation of whistle blowing laws. ‘Adverse action’ takes place when an employer refuses to hire, stalls granting of promotions or terminates services without just cause, makes threats, comes up with unfair negative evaluations, and in extreme cases, resorts to assault or files unfounded lawsuits against the whistle blowers. As per the EEOC, 26,663 retaliation discrimination charges were filed in 2007 alone, and over $124 million have been collected as monetary benefits by mistreated employees.

       Employees who do not feel safe in a work environment, need not compromise on their beliefs, thanks to the whistle blowing laws. They have every right to fight against an injustice, with the assistance of violation of whistle blowing laws attorneys.




When Are Employers in Violation of Whistle Blowing Laws?

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When Are Employers in Violation of Whistle Blowing Laws? )
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