Class Action -- Find Out Whether You Qualify As A Plaintiff  

         Usually when there are several plantiffs have the same legal problem, then their case is presented to the court as a single lawsuit rather than multiple. This is known as class action. A good example of a class action is a faulty product sold in the market to several people. These people can join hands and file a case against the manufacture for compensation.

         Before you join a group of people to become on the plantiffs, you first need to figure out whether you meet certain requirements. Usually when it comes to class action lawsuits, a lawyer handling this type of lawsuits is the best one to inform you whether you can file for the lawsuit or not. There are some rules that need to be followed in order for a lawsuit to be categorized as a class action lawsuit. The conditions for filing class action lawsuit are as follows:

         If just a few people are affected by a product, then each one has to file the case independently. However, if several people are affected, then it better to file one case when the help of a class action lawyer.

         When it comes to this type of lawsuit, all the victims need to have similar complaints. It is only when the complaint is the same, can it have a legal standing of a class action lawsuit. Also, if the victims have separate complains, then the case will not workout. The basis of the complaint should also be the same.

         Since the victims have the same complaint, the defense of the victims will have the same strategy. So, here there is a common defense for all the complainants and victims. Usually one person or two are selected as representatives for all the victims and they represent the entire group of victims in the court along with a class action lawyer. For this, the person representing the group needs to have clean record without any criminal activities.

         If you fulfill all the above mentioned criteria, then you qualify for a class action lawsuit.





Class Action -- Find Out Whether You Qualify As A Plaintiff

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Class Action -- Find Out Whether You Qualify As A Plaintiff )
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