How to Pick the Right Attorney for Your Divorce ?  

       Divorce has become quite a common thing today. If a couple feels that they are no longer compatible or in love with each other, then the best alternative for them it to divorce. However, selecting the right attorney for your divorce is very important.

       Majority of the divorces are not pleasant and there can be ill-feelings between the couple that are insurmountable. In such a case, you should not only have a divorce lawyer who is competent, but also one with whom you can talk about your marriage without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed.

       When it comes to selecting a divorce lawyer, you should take your situation into account and accordingly hire a lawyer. If you are not contesting the divorce and do not want anything from your spouse, then it best to opt for a lawyer who is easy going, reactive and does not like confrontations. On the other hand, if you are leaving the marriage feeling bitter and want to harass your spouse as much as possible before agreeing to the divorce, then you need a ruthless and mean lawyer who will file motions for nearly everything to frustrate the opposition. But be careful, this lawyer will cost you quite a bit and you should be prepared to spend years in court hashing out the divorce. If you want a divorce along with your fair share of assets, then go for a lawyer who can turn aggressive when the need arises, will be willing to make tactical moves after taking the big picture into consideration and will settle out of court on your behalf when your spouse's lawyer make a fair offer.

       It is necessary to have an initial meeting with a divorce lawyer to gauge the type of person and lawyer he or she is. Have a list of questions ready to ask the lawyer. Find out whether the lawyer practices in other areas besides family law; find out whether the lawyer will work on your case or delegate it to another lawyer; find out what is the law firm's policy when it comes to returning telephone calls and emails; how long will the return calls and emails take; has the lawyer worked on a similar divorce case like yours, what is the policy of the law firm when it comes to mediation; and finally whether the lawyer has the time to handle your case.

       Once you get these questions out of the way, it is necessary to find out what are the lawyer's costs. Some lawyers charge by the hour, while others charge a flat fee. Find out how does your lawyer work. Also, get details about a retainer and if the firm wants one, then what is the amount. Besides the hourly rate, some law firms or lawyers also add other fees for filing papers or getting some evidence for the case. Check out if this is the case here too. And finally, check how often you will receive a bill and when does each bill have to be settled.

       Once you have all the answers, you will be ready to make a choice and have the right lawyer to handle your divorce.





How to Pick the Right Attorney for Your Divorce?

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How to Pick the Right Attorney for Your Divorce? )
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