Purpose of Prenuptial Agreements  

        Earlier a prenuptial agreement was not given any importance and a couple did not make one. However, as the number of divorce cases is rising, couples have realized the importance of prenuptial agreements.

        It is a simple and practical way to handle finances after marriage. It also ensures that there is no financial inequality in the marriage. However, many people consider a prenuptial agreement to be unromantic.

        A prenuptial agreement will give you peace of mind when it comes to your finances and you will not get any shocks if your marriage breaks down at a later stage. While many people think that this kind of agreement is more for the rich, even ordinary people can benefit from it.

        This is an agreement that has to be drafted by a lawyer. Then the lawyers for both parties will see that the agreement is fair. Thereafter, it is signed and notarized. It has nothing to do with not trusting your spouse or making a commitment. It is more trying to safeguard your interests in case of an eventuality. The prenup, as it is often referred to, contains all matters pertaining to individual finances and joint finances. The main thrust of the prenup is to take care of the finances after marriage and what the kids can inherit. Also, the agreement can secure the financial future of the kids born to the couple.

        In addition, the prenup will list down all the property and assets that the couple has individually prior to the marriage. This way if a divorce takes place, then neither of the party can stake claim to something that is not theirs.

        A prenup can avoid a divorce from getting bitter and ruthless. Usually spouses will fight for any and every asset that was collected while the couple was married. At times, they may even want to stake claim on assets that the other spouse accumulated before the marriage, something they have no rights to. Hence, having a prenup you can avoid these complications. There will be no need to fight over finances and assets if you have a prenup in place.





Purpose of Prenuptial Agreements

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Purpose of Prenuptial Agreements )
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