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Purpose of Prenuptial Agreements

      Earlier a prenuptial agreement was not given any importance and a couple did not make one. However, as the number of divorce cases is rising, couples have realized the importance of prenuptial agreements.

      It is a simple and practical way to handle finances after marriage. It also ensures that there is no financial inequality in the marriage. However, many people consider a prenuptial agreement to be unromantic.More...



Challenging a Will in Probate

       If you want, you have the right to challenge a will. However, in order to do this, you will need the services of an experienced and competent lawyer who knows the ins and outs of the laws that govern wills. Nonetheless, there are several reasons for contesting and challenging a will in probate.

       It has been seen that several times, people end up contesting a will because proper formalities were not followed when the will was being drafted. When a will is made, it only requires the person it, it also requires the signature of a testator and 2 witnesses. So, one of the grounds for challenging a will is when it is not appropriately signed, witnessed or drafted.More...



How to Pick the Right Attorney for Your Divorce ?

        Divorce has become quite a common thing today. If a couple feels that they are no longer compatible or in love with each other, then the best alternative for them it to divorce. However, selecting the right attorney for your divorce is very important.

        Majority of the divorces are not pleasant and there can be ill-feelings between the couple that are insurmountable. In such a case, you should not only have a divorce lawyer who is competent, but also one with whom you can talk about your marriage without feeling uncomfortable or embarrassed.More...



Money Laundering Penalties

        According to some reports, money laundering has grown exponentially in the US. The people who launder money get it from illegal sources and then make use of the various financial instruments to show that the money has come from a legal source. Hence, by using various methods like wire transfer or banking institute, this illegal gain is made into legal money.

        Usually the assets that involve money laundering include real estate, art, precious metal and casinos, both online and land-based. Some of the examples where money laundering can pose a big risk are private banking, commodities, complex financial transactions, correspondent banking and structured finance.More...



The Benefits and Detriments of Personal Bankruptcy vs. Debt Settlement

        With the recent recession, many people are facing all kinds of financial problems. They are unable to pay their debts and this, in turn, is negatively affecting their credit ratings and scores. In a situation like this, it is common for a person to take any offer that comes his or her way. Some people claim that bankruptcy is the way forward to get out of a financial mess, while claim that debt settlement is the right step to take.

        Majority of people have some information about bankruptcy. The most common Chapters that a person can file bankruptcy under are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. However, bankruptcy laws can be difficult to understand if you do not have a proper information and knowledge. This is the reason why people often file for bankruptcy using the services of a bankruptcy lawyer.More...




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