Are Lawsuit Settlements Deductible  

         Some deductible items are the expenses that are managed from your total income and are later reduced from the money used to pay taxes. Defendant uses these deductions facility as a compensation paid to the plaintiff. If the type of settlements and damages offered to the plaintiff are suitable by the court, the lawsuit settlements can be deductible. The plaintiff can demand for punishment to the defendant and later can claim for compensations for damages and emotional stress. Defendants also have to pay for punitive damages which are for deliberate activities and fraudulent behaviour.

         The lawsuit settlements in case of treatment of tax for the consumers as well as corporate are deductible. For instance, the treatment of tax for the consumer, in a divorce settlement case, the alimony that is paid to the spouse is a tax deductible expense for the payer.

         Whereas, the partner who receives the money it is a non-exempt and taxable income and this is the reason why the payee demands for structured settlements than getting a lump sum. There are also chances of deductible expense from the tax treatment for the corporate. The expense paid by the defendant can be deductible if it is necessary for business and various reasonable expenses. The court decides whether an expense is worth deduction from the taxes. The expenses for punitive damages also come under the deduction of settlements and have been a very controversial matter till date. The various settlements on non-adversarial, uncontested and tax motivated settlements will bind together for the purpose of tax.





Are Lawsuit Settlements Deductible

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Are Lawsuit Settlements Deductible )
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