Child Custody Agreement And What Parents Should Know  

         Strong disputes between the couple often lead to divorce where the couple gets separated through legal means. Breaking a relationship is a hardest decision for the couple, but it gets more of an emotional stress when the couple has a child together. In such cases, the couple not only has to fight for divorce but also for child custody.

         During a divorce most of the parents make a mutual agreement regarding child custody. The agreement made mutually describes details such as the custodial parent, living arrangements, conditions, financial issues, visits of the non-custodial parent, legal decision maker of the child etc. Keeping in mind the welfare of the child, the custody agreement is made by parents as an out-court settlement.

         Children who always seek the warmth of mother and the love of the father get emotionally imbalanced due to the separation of parents. Children are the most effected in such cases. Children are often psychologically effected which leave a bad impact for the rest of their life. Hence, making the divorce in a friendly way is beneficial for the child. While making the child custody agreement, one should only think of the best interest of the child. Remember, the custody agreement is not for the couple, but for the child and hence, the child’s welfare must be the main aim behind it.

         Have a look at the individual custody rights before writing down the agreement. Details of these rights can be obtained either from a lawyer or from the internet. Both the parents should read and understand the rights before your final agreement is placed. On understanding these agreements, the couple must make mutual agreements regarding the child custody. Writing down of the child custody agreement involves a series of discussions held between the divorcing couple and their respective lawyers. It is after a long series of discussion that the agreement is made and finally submitted in the family court.  

         When making an agreement, the different types of child custody are discussed and decided. There are different types of child custodies like physical custody, shared custody, legal custody, joint custody, split custody and primary physical custody. The parents must know the rules regarding each of custody and then decide the type of custody.

         The court also looks into the agreement to see if the agreement is made based on the best interest and welfare of the child. The court doesn’t blindly approve the agreement; instead, it looks into various matters regarding the upbringing of the child once the parents are separated. Some of the things that the court looks into are age of the child, previous history of violence or abuse on child, current health of the child, emotional bonding of the child with each of the parent, schooling, financial status of the parents, the ability of the parents to meet the financial needs of the child, and above all, which parent the child would prefer living with.

         Deciding the child custody is very difficult for parents. But when they have taken a hard step of separation, they are left with not other option. Parents have to make the child custody agreement considering the best welfare of the child and see that the separation is done in a friendly manner rather than leaving behind harsh memories.





Child Custody Agreement And What Parents Should Know

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Child Custody Agreement And What Parents Should Know )
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