What is Divorce Mediation ?  

        Sometimes, there comes a time in life when a couple, who were tied by marriage, wish to get separated. Such separation requires the couple applying for divorce. The agreement to end up all the responsibilities and duties that arose due to marriage completes the process of divorce. But process of getting a divorce is no easy. The couple must first approach the court and apply for a divorce. This will be followed by a number of counseling sessions and various hearings. The whole process is just too lengthy and takes up a very important time of your life. Added to that, this traditional approach is too costly.

        An easy alternate to this lengthy procedure is divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is done by a mediator. A mediator is a neutral third party who has enough experience in such divorce cases. The mediator can be a lawyer or a retired judge too. The couple who is seeking separation must contact such mediators and discuss the whole case. The couple must reveal everything without hiding anything. The mediator listens to the case from both sides and then acts to make settlement. All issues that arise during separation are dealt by a mediator. For a couple, who has children, child custody is given considering the age as well as the interest of the child. Financial matters like property inheritance, alimony etc are also handled by mediators. Sometimes on contacting and having a talk with the mediator, most couples sort out their problems and reunite. This is definitely a good thing to decide not to break a long lasting bond.

        Taking the assistance of a mediator is really useful in making faster settlements of separation. The cost of approaching through the mediator is less compared to that when going through court. Once the whole matter is settled by the mediator, the papers regarding the agreement are filed in the court. This enables the court to proceed faster. The time taken for mediation sessions depend on the severity of issue and does not exceed 90 hours.

        Going through the mediator is no doubt a wise decision. But, to get the matter settled through mediator, both the parties must meet the mediator and also agree to the settlement made as per the mediator. When one of the parties is not willing to go through the mediator or if one of the parties is unhappy with the settlement made through the mediator, then divorce mediation does not work. The only option left would be to go through the court and follow the lengthy procedure.





What is Divorce Mediation ?

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What is Divorce Mediation ? )
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