Knowing Your Options When Your Marriage is Invalid  

       Annulment refers to the legal act of erasing the marriage so that it no records show that the marriage actually existed.

       Although annulment is not used often in modern times, there are circumstances that make the marriage invalid. In other words, it can be said that based on the circumstances, the marriage is not considered legal.

       If these circumstances are present, one or both spouses can file a petition in the court to get the marriage annulled. In case of annulment, the court does not take into consideration distribution of property or support for the spouse. Rather the parting is in such a way as though the marriage did not take place. Each spouse takes what they owned and thereafter, there is no obligation on either party. However, if the couple has a child, then the court will address issues related to child support, visitation and custody.

       In order for a marriage to be annulled, the aggrieved spouse has to file a request in the court. However, this request has to be made within a specific time limit. This time limit is determined by different factors like where the couple lives, the reason for annulment and when the aggrieved part first discovered the circumstances that make the marriage invalid. For instance, if you want to annul your marriage because your spouse defrauded you, the court would want to know when you first discovered the fraud. If you happen to find out the fraud and continued to stay married for long time, then there are less chances of you getting an annulment. Rather couples like this should opt for a divorce.




Knowing Your Options When Your Marriage is Invalid



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Knowing Your Options When Your Marriage is Invalid )
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