Breach Of Contract And Fiduciary Duty Judgments  

Breach of contract and fiduciary duty judgments are two different definitions if viewed individually. A fiduciary duty can be defined as an obligation that makes one party act on behalf of the other or in the interest of the other party.

For example, in a corporate business the fiduciary duty of a trustee is to act in the best interest of the trustees and the stakeholders of the company; and the attorney’s fiduciary duty would be to act in the interest of the client.

In fact, a fiduciary duty is a kind of relationship of trust that is established between two parties using the framework of the legal system where both the parties need to abide by the law and legal compliances.

A breach of contract is an act where one party dishonors the contract signed with the other party. Any contract will involve two parties and if one party acts against any clause of the contract then it can be termed as a breach of contract.

Now both of them put together would mean that in a fiduciary duty the primary person who holds the responsibility of the duty has dishonored the commitment leading to a breach of contract. Though it sounds very complicated, the easiest way to understand it would be to take the individual meanings of both the terms and put it together. The breach of contract in a fiduciary duty can arise in any circumstances like a corporate scenario or the medical profession or any kind of business.

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Breach Of Contract And Fiduciary Duty Judgments

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