Emotional Distress With Breach Of Contract In Marriage  

Marriage is a contract between two individuals and it is a legal consummation of a couple. Marriage is also a relationship between two

individuals who agree to abide by the rules of marital law in an emotional and a legal contract. When there is emotional distress in marriage, it cannot be called as a breach of contract as the emotional distress cannot be proven with tangible proof and there is no way to tell how deeply distressed a person is.

Every marital relationship is measured on an emotional scale and unless there is a reason for the husband or wife to be dissatisfied, the situation does not arise. However, the breach of contract in marriage can only arise when one of the spouses acts outside the boundaries of marriage. This may include anything like physical abuse, sexual harassment, extramarital affairs or emotional torture. When one person in the marriage feels that they are not getting their rights or are being denied their rights, they could feel emotionally distressed and it would also mean a breach of contract in marriage.

A breach of contract in marriage would only arise when the spouse decides to separate legally and then through legal proceedings the level of distress would have to be proved. Emotional distress with breach of contract is caused when there has been a breach of contract, which is the marriage, and the breach in turn causes emotional distress in the affected spouse. When the spouse decides to approach the court they should be in a position to prove the cause for their emotional distress.

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Emotional Distress With Breach Of Contract In Marriage

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Emotional Distress With Breach Of Contract In Marriage )
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