Expert Lied During Testimony  

The case of expert lying during testimony is quite common actually and this applies even more to in medical malpractice cases. The jurors usually invest a lot of trust in an expert’s testimony and many cases are decided based on the testimonies given by these experts.

In some cases when the expert is employed by the defender's legal team party to lie, then it becomes an extraordinary case of an expert lying. The expert could be anyone from a police officer to a surgeon to a psychiatrist to anyone who has expert knowledge to talk about the case. The lies come out only when the appropriate tests and cross examination are conducted to validate the expert’s views. However, in medical cases it is possible to an extent to validate the expert’s views but in other criminal cases the judge has to go by the word of the expert as he or she stands to be the ultimate proof.

There have been several such instances in the history of the United States legal system where experts have wrongly testified and victimized the innocent. Today a law is being formed against experts lying or testifying falsely. The only way to prove the experts lying would be if the prosecutor does not agree with the expert’s comments and starts reasoning it. There is no other way out in any case unless the expert himself gets questioned on his findings and is asked to validate them with proof. However, it is highly possible that the experts can get bribed to act on behalf of or in support of the defender.

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Expert Lied During Testimony

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