Expert Testimony In Forensic Court  

Who is an expert witness or professional witness? An expert witness is a person who has the knowledge, skill and the expertise or experience on the subject of the crime over and above any average person.

He or she is often relied upon by the law, the jury and the judge of their view about a case after which a decision on the case will be reached.

An expert usually scrutinizes the case form the angle of his expert knowledge and gives his proof on the possibility of how a certain crime was committed. An expert testimony in forensic court is most likely to be used because of the experience that forensic scientists have and they can pinpoint the exact direction of the case. More than civil cases, criminal cases such as murder and extortion need the experts in forensic. The expert’s opinion is an assisting factor for the case and is used like a dictionary or like a fact finder for the case.

Even though the prosecution collects a lot of evidence on a certain criminal case, they would still need an expert to put the puzzle together and joining all the evidences to make sense for the jury. Of course, an expert witness' testimony in forensic court has to be in layman's term where the jury can understand all the jargon.

Expert witnesses are often called upon by the court to give their comments using their expertise. However, prosecutors also caution them that they might get questioned about their testimony which may be detrimental to their reputation. When an expert is used in a certain case everything from their identity to the documents they have used for their comments is disclosed.

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Expert Testimony In Forensic Court

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