What Is Fiduciary Income ?  

Before we understand what is fiduciary income, let are look at the different types of fiduciaries.

There are primarily two types of fiduciaries and these are estate and trust. An estate is formed after a person dies and it consists of all the property and assets the individual possessed at the time of his death. The estate continues to function and is taken care of by an executor until the assets and property can be distributed among the beneficiaries. On the other hand, a trust refers to transference of legal ownership of assets to the trustee so that the assets within the trust can reap benefits which can be enjoyed by the beneficiary.

Both, the estate and the trust, have income and this income is referred to as fiduciary income. Fiduciary income often refers to interest, dividends, royalties, net rental from a property, or net profit from a business or trade. In addition, fiduciary income also includes fees paid to the trustee or commissions paid to have money invested. However, only a portion is considered and this is decided by the prevailing income tax laws of the state where the estate and trust are established.

Fiduciary income is taxable and this is decided in the same way as the taxable income of a person. Even deductions are calculated in the same manner as that of an individual and will include standard deductions and personal exemptions that a fiduciary is entitled to.

This brief explanation should be able to give you an insight into what is fiduciary income.

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What Is Fiduciary Income

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