What Is Legal Malpractice ?  

Legal malpractice happens when an attorney acts in an incompetent and negligent fashion while providing legal representation or advice. These actions may cost the client a case and thus be detrimental to him or her. The lawyer then becomes liable for damages.More...

What Constitutes Legal Malpractice ?

What Constitutes Legal Malpractice

Legal negligence occurs when the actions of a lawyer proves to be detrimental to client. The clients can sue their lawyers based on the fact that legal issues ended badly because of the incompetence of the lawyer. While filing for legal malpractice lawsuit, one should keep a few things in mind.More...



Legal Malpractice Definition

Legal Malpractice Definition

Legal malpractice is defined as the breach of a contract, fiduciary duty and negligence caused by a lawyer that harms the client. To have a solid case the client must be able to prove that the lawyer’s actions were not just deprived strategy, but a consequence of mistakes that no lawyer would make.More...



Legal Malpractice Settlements

Legal Malpractice Settlements

Malpractice is the term used to describe unlawful actions by an individual that cause harm and damages to another. People like doctors, dentists and lawyers are subject to most of these malpractice lawsuits. Thus they prefer being insured against these things as their professions increase the risk of litigation. Legal malpractice lawsuits and settlements seem to have become a norm, as it is believed that all attorneys will at least get sued on one occasion in their careers.More...






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