Alternative Medicine Malpractice Laws  

Alternative medicine is different from western medicine. These are therapeutic treatments that are thought to be different from conventional medicine that is practiced by regular doctors and physicians. Some of the methods are thought to originate from the Orient or the East.

These health professionals use various unique techniques to provide relief and treat ailments. Some of these techniques are shiatsu, tai chi, acupressure, and color therapy. These methods are used to treat mental and physical illnesses and symptoms ranging from depression to physical muscular pain. Alternative medicine has become exceedingly popular and every day the demand rises.

Most people get disillusioned by the number of pills they are prescribed and opt for other ways of curing themselves. Massage therapy and chiropractics have gained acceptance, though limited, from the practitioners of conventional medicines. This has taken a while to happen though. There are no official agencies which monitor alternative medicine, thus it is essential to check the qualifications of the professional. Thus, medical malpractices are also not monitored as thoroughly as with conventional medicine.

Since this is fairly new field, there have not been too many instances of malpractice that are known. Studies have shown that if any, the malpractice is not as severe as with conventional medicine. Alternative medicine is not used to treat life threatening conditions. If a patient experiences sudden pain, difficulty in breathing, profuse bleeding, loss of hearing or vision, loss of consciousness, one should immediately call the medical help specialist or go to the closest hospital.

One should ask their regular doctor for a reference for an alternative medical practitioner. This way one can keep track of the practitioner’s credentials and perhaps avoid intentional malpractice if any.

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Alternative Medicine Malpractice Laws

Malpractice Law:

Alternative-Medicine-Malpractice      The application of the alternative medicine in the U.S. is widely spread and increasingly growing. However, very little information is available regarding the malpractice lawsuits of the practitioners, who provide the professional care. Further still, very less is known regarding the legal ideas that rule the relationships, shared between alternative medicine and conventional medicine. More..




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