Alternative Medicine Malpractice  

The application of the alternative medicine in the U.S. is widely spread and increasingly growing. However, very little information is available regarding the malpractice lawsuits of the practitioners, who provide the professional care. Further still, very less is known regarding the legal ideas that rule the relationships, shared between alternative medicine and conventional medicine.

Studies have been conducted using information from the malpractice insurers about the experience of claims against massage professionals or therapists, chiropractors and acupuncturists between 1990 and 1996. These studies showed that malpractice claims against such professionals happened less frequently. The injuries involved were also considerably less harsh than the claims made against conventional doctors in the similar time. Often patients are referred to as alternative medicine and it is vital to find out what the pros and cons are about this particular practice of medicine. People turn to this practice when conventional drugs seem to provide no relief or when one does not want to depend on prescription drugs for relief.

For example, many studies have been conducted on the levels of malpractice in acupuncture practices and practices of western medicine. The malpractice claims filed against acupuncturists usually occur after a while and for varied reasons. Some believe that if a completely new symptom arises after the acupuncture session, they should sue on those grounds. This is not sufficient cause for a malpractice lawsuit, but the practitioners cover their practices with insurance anyway.

One reason for a lawsuit is when the practitioner cannot detect the fundamental condition that an individual might have. If the individual ends up with a heart attack or other damages that are severe and acute, the patient has the option of suing and in all probability will win that case.

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Alternative Medicine Malpractice

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