Dental Malpractice Suits In The Past  

Dental malpractice suits in the past were not very popular, however today they have become common.

There are so many dental malpractice laws being filed across the United States for trivial to much serious matters. There is no doubt that the dentist is responsible for rendering proper treatment to their patients and any mistake on their part costs them dearly.

There are many different kinds of injuries that are encumbered within the dental profession like jaw and lip injuries, damage to nerves in the face, and injuries caused due to anesthesia or sometimes even death. Among all these teeth are the least problematic. For example, if a dentist fails to identify a coherent problem that might lead to oral cancer or an oral disease in the patient, then the dentist is held liable for it and he or she can be sued for negligence. The worst dental malpractice case is when the patient dies during a dental procedure and this could lead to the cancellation of license for the dentist in some cases. Ninety percent of the dental malpractice cases end up with the dentist or the dental clinic paying a huge amount in the form of compensation.  

Some of the dental malpractice suits that have taken place are as follows:

  • A permanent damage of the nerve caused during an oral procedure
  • A root canal leading to permanent numbness in the area the anesthesia was administered
  • Severe injury caused to a person while tooth extraction

The settlements for dental malpractice suits in the past have ranged from anywhere between $24,000 and $100,000.

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Dental Malpractice Suits In Thepast

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Dental Malpractice Suits In Thepast )
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