Medical Malpractice Lawsuit And Affirmative Defense  

An affirmative defense means the defendant agrees that he or she was negligent but there are other factors and reasons for being negligent, which were outside the control of the defendant. A medical malpractice lawsuit and affirmative defense is considered to be a conflicting legal duty.

There are cases where it is indicated that the doctor was forced to be negligent and the patient has sued the doctor for being negligent. For example, it is the responsibility by law that a doctor should not disclose a patient’s medical records to anyone. However, in some extraordinary cases the doctor cannot abide by this rule. For instance, if the patient is suffering from a viral disease, which can cause harm to several others and it is contagious in nature, the doctor has to inform the Department of Public Health Records immediately. This does not amount to violation of principles between a doctor and patient.

The most popular affirmative defense cases are due to the consent in medical malpractice lawsuits. A consent form is an instrument through which doctors and the healthcare professionals inform the patients about the risks involved and give them complete details about the procedures involved. Once the patient signs the consent form, it is like giving the doctor all rights to perform the procedures with the complete understanding of the risks involved. The patient has the right to sue the doctor only if there has been a surgery or a procedure that has been performed unnecessarily and not been mentioned in the consent form.

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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit And Affirmative Defense

Malpractice Law:

Medical-Malpractice-Lawsuit-And-Technical-Defense      When a doctor is careless and negligent in his profession and as a result causes injury to the patient, then it is considered as a medical malpractice. Under these circumstances, a doctor can be sued by the patient. Plaintiffs, who go for medical malpractice lawsuits, should also be able to prove that the healthcare professional was negligent while providing care and breached the duty of care. More..




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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit And Affirmative Defense )
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