Reports On Surgical Errors  

Errors that take place during surgery are usually the most costly medical errors that occur in hospitals in the United States. In fact, reports on surgical errors published by the National Patient Safety Benchmarking Center show that surgical errors occur more frequently than we would like to believe.

The report shows that the most common surgical errors are complications during a surgical procedure, leaving an unintended object within the body and injury to an organ or nerve. In fact, these surgical errors are the most expensive and costly one. Other costly surgical errors include disruption of surgical wounds or taking the patient back to the operating room without knowing this in advance.

Reports on surgical errors usually are compiled after doing thorough research over a period of time. Usually information is collected from different hospitals across the country and the information is then collated to form reports.

You will be surprised to learn that surgical errors are more common than medication errors, even though medication errors are the ones that get maximum publicity. Surgical errors cost hospitals a whopping $10 million annually as patients have prolonged hospital stays due to these errors and this additional cost is invariably passed on to patients. And annually the total cost of surgical errors for different hospitals across the nation adds up to an unbelievable $17 billion.

However, there are many healthcare professionals who do not believe the reports on surgical errors which show that the errors have surpassed medication errors in numbers. However, they agree that surgical errors are more expensive than medication errors.

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Reports On Surgical Errors

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