Steps In A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit  

Every medical malpractice case is unique in its nature and every patient is unique. However, there are some basic steps in a medical malpractice lawsuit that are involved and every malpractice case has to go through them.

On an average for a medical malpractice to get resolved it at least takes a minimum of 2 to 3 years. That is why the medical malpractice cases are considered long, painstaking and also very expensive.

It also often happens that a case might get dismissed even before it reaches the trial process and the patients get their settlement. However, to start the process of a medical malpractice lawsuit irrespective of it reaching the court, an attorney is required to negotiate.

Steps in a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit:

The first step in any medical malpractice lawsuit is when the plaintiff files a case and a letter of intent to sue the professional is drafted and sent to the medical professional. This notification is the first indication to the doctor that a case is being filed against him.

The second step could be that the medical professional notifies the malpractice insurance company and in case if he or she does not have one, then they would hire a defense attorney. Before hiring a defense attorney, some professionals may try to contact the patient to talk to them about the case and it is highly possible that they reach an out of court settlement before any further processes start.

If none of this happens, the research process starts where the plaintiff’s attorney takes the case forward by collecting evidences and speaking to experts and it is only then that a case is established against the medical professional.

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Steps In A Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

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