Wrongful Termination And Statute Of Limitations  

The truth is that for wrongful termination and statute of limitations is that there are no federal laws that directly govern wrong termination.

There are other laws governed federally and if they are violated it might amount to wrongful termination. When an employer is discharging his employee or employees and in the process if he acts against or violates the public policy, then it would amount to the wrongful termination of the employee. Any principle that is breached in the legal employment act would also mean wrongful termination of the employee.

Statute of limitations in the case of wrongful termination of an employee is the maximum time period set during which an employer can reverse the termination in case it has been established without any bias that the employee did not deserve to be terminated. In some cases, along with reversing the termination it could also mean paying compensation to the employee for the damages that the termination caused him or her.  

A wrongful termination could occur if:

  • A state or federal discrimination law has been violated
  • A law from the fair credit reporting act has been violated
  • A bankruptcy act has been violated
  • Any of the rights from the First Amendment Act of the US Constitution has been violated
  • Any of the laws under the employment and labor laws have been violated by the employer
           An unfairly discharged employee should always consult a lawyer to check if they have been wrongfully terminated based on the rules of the law. Also, the lawyer would be the best person to tell you about the statute of limitations.

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Wrongful Termination And Statute Of Limitations

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