How To File My Own Auto Accident Claim  

A car accident is a traumatic experience at the best of times. It could be substantially worse if proper procedures are not followed after the accident so you could file your claim. The following points will be of help.

How to File My Own Auto Accident Claim:

  • In the United States insurance laws decree that it is imperative to inform your insurance company immediately after an accident. Call the insurance representative immediately and if possible get him to the crash site before the cars are moved. Otherwise make certain you contact your insurance provider at the earliest.
  • Collect all details about the other driver and his vehicle, particularly with regard to his insurance company and policy.  This is even more important if the other driver was responsible for the accident. In this case prompt action will ensure his company meets all claims and no deductibles devolve on you. This will also prevent escalation in future insurance premia payable by you.
  • Take photographs of the crash and the surrounding areas so that there is visible evidence in support of your claim.  If the insurance representative is present he will make necessary enquiries and speak to any witnesses.
  • Fill in the appropriate claim form. Ask your insurance agent what documentation should be attached with it, in addition to the photographs and a police report if you have one.
  • Establish the time after the accident within which you are to make your claim.  Make certain your claim is lodged within that.
  • Extend all cooperation to your insurance company to enable them to make a proper assessment of damages.

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How To File My Own Auto Accident Claim

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