Settling Car Accident Insurance Claim  

Once the paperwork is over after a car accident, and you have launched your claim to the other driver’s insurance company (assuming he or she was at fault), then you should submit a demand letter for settlement.

Your letter should commence with a brief outline of the accident. It could then continue to detail what transpired thereafter, especially if you or your passengers sustained any injuries, physical or otherwise. List out your various claims like damage to property, personal damage, medical expenses, hospitalization expenses if incurred, estimated cost of treatment in future resulting from this accident, loss of wages, special damages and claim for pain and suffering. Include a basis to justify your claim attaching relevant bills, receipts etc.

The adjuster will contact you towards a settlement and in all probability will open the negotiations with an offer. Unless you feel it fair, it is not incumbent on you to accept the first offer. The adjuster normally has a range within which he will operate. If you choose to decline, then offers and counter offers will go back and forth till it reaches a particular level beyond which he will not go. It is now up to you to decide the next step.

If you feel the offer is unfair you may approach the adjuster's superior, opt for mediation or arbitration, approach the State Department of insurance to examine the issue, or, as a last alternative, consult an attorney. But a lawsuit should be avoided as far as possible, as it entails time, will add to your costs, and to say the least will be a traumatic experience best avoided.

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Settling Car Accident Insurance Claim

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