What To Expect In An Auto Accident Claim ?   

A number of factors are involved in assessing the value of a claim. First of all it has to be decided who actually is at fault and how conclusively the responsibility can be established. Then the injuries have to be considered, the nature of injuries, line of treatment and the quantum of insurance available to cover this.

Also to be established of the long-term effects of the injuries and possible repercussions at some later date.  Furthermore some amount of pain and suffering and mental anguish will have two be compensated. Then the question of damage to property arises. What is the cost of repairing the car of the person of raising the claim, to restore it to the condition before the accident?  These are the main factors that have a bearing. There are several other intangibles on which a more detailed study is recommended.

When making a claim it is advisable to build on a negotiating margin of around 25 to 30 percent.

The person making the claim can expect to be contacted by an adjuster from the insurance company. He will perhaps have an introductory discussion ascertain more details then make an initial offer. The norm generally followed by adjusters is to total up the medical expenses which is used as a basis. Depending on the gravity of the accident, he will multiply this by a factor of 1.2 in the case of a minor accident which can go up to 10 in the case of an extremely serious mishap. This formula is generally is applied to cover the other unquantifiable claims.

The claimant should remain calm and make a counter offer by marginally reducing the claim. This back and forth process could go on for some length of time before the adjuster makes a final offer beyond which he will not go. It is then up to the claimant to decide whether to accept or proceed further.

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What To Expect In An Auto Accident Claim

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