Victims Of Aviation Accidents Or Incidents In The United States  

What do George Bates, Hawkshawk Hawkins and John Haley have in common? They all died due to air crashes.

Hawkshawk Hawkins (22 December 1921 - 5 March 1963) - Born as Harold Franklin Hawkins, he is popularly known as Hawkshaw Hawkins. He was a singer who tapped his specialty in the country music of America. He had a strong presence on stage; and his style of wearing western suits was something that set him leagues apart from other male country singers of his times. He was a part of the band called Grand Ole Orpy and had Jean Shepard as his better half, who was also a country music star.

George Bates (25 February 1891 - 1 November 1949) - A member of the US House of Representatives, he was elected as the Mayor of Salem, Massachusetts, his birthplace, in 1924 when he was 33. In 1937, he took an oath as a Republican member of the house in the 75th Congress. Unfortunately, Bates died in a plane crash in Washington DC. His son William replaced him in the house.

John Haley (1931 - 4 December 2003) - John Haley was a famous lawyer in the city of Little Rock, Arkansas. He was an attorney to Jim Tucker and also to his co-defendant. On the day of 20 February 1998, John was found to be guilty of tax frauds against the interests of the Internal Revenue Service. He was sentenced to probation of 3 years and eight hours a week for the community service. The white water investigations brought him to the front page of the national news talk. However, he died on 4 December 2003 as his plane had crashed while trying to land at the airport of the Boone County, Arkansas.

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Victims Of Aviation Accidents Or Incidents In The United States

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Cost-Of-Aviation-Accidents      Air crashes and accidents have existed since the time humans have started flying as a means of travel. There are various ways in how a life is accounted for in an unfortunate case of death due to accidents involving the civil aviation. The biggest manufacturers of aircrafts, namely the US and Europe, faced more losses than any other continent could have faced. More..




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Victims Of Aviation Accidents Or Incidents In The United States )
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