Brain Injuries That Cause Balance Problems  

Brain injuries are often caused due to in excessive blood flow to the brain. Most of the injuries take place at the infant stage. Excessive supply of blood can lead to lot of problems which might affect the eye, ear, and brain or sometimes might even cause balance issues. Brain disorders, visual injuries, muscular injuries often lead to balance difficulties. Sometimes the person might face a sudden blackout or undergo motion sickness like nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and sweating.

Any individual suffering from balance disorder might face the following problems. Firstly they might be affected with peripheral vestibular disorder which is basically a labyrinth issue. Next it might affect the vascular system further leading to blood flow disorders. It might aloes affect the central vestibular system which further dysfunctions the nerves. Lastly, it might create a constant systematic disorder which directly affects the other parts of the body apart from the brain.

The benign paroxysmal positional vertigo disorder arises when the head has undergone a positional change. You might face it moments before turning either left or right while sleeping and also when you suddenly wake up. This normally is caused due to any kind of ear or head injury. You might also hear of vestibular neuronitis which is basically a kind of viral affecting your nerves.

The other kind of infection is called as Labyrinthitis which might be caused due to infection in the inner ear. Perilymph fistula occurs due to any kind of leakage in the passage between the inner ear to middle ear. Most of you likely to be affected by this would be if you might have undergone any kind of laborious physical activity or head injury. Meniere’s disease is quite heard of whereby the fluid disorder present in the inner ear might cause hearing problems such as tinnitus, vertigo and loss of hearing.

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Brain Injuries That Cause Balance Problems

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Brain Injuries That Cause Balance Problems )
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