Case For Traumatic Brain Injury  

Brain injury has always been the most traumatic in any individual’s life. Let us take an example of a person suffering from this kind of injury and research on the different approaches that he may face. This disorder is often accompanied by further psychiatric malfunctions. Over 1.5 million suffer from this disorder, and over 50,000 die every year.

The overall expense that any nation has to bear comes to $56 billion. This injury causes various types of psychiatric complications like mood disorders, apathy behavior, sexual dysfunction, psychosis, sleep disorders and anxiety disorders. If suppose this person has suffered the injury due to an encounter with a car accident then the injury would certainly cause lot of problems in the long run.

For example, a 28 year old male was in a car accident in 1996 when he was just in his teens. He got ejected from his car but was suddenly run over to a great distance by some other oncoming vehicle. He was also admitted to the hospital a bit later which added to all the problems. He almost hit a tree in the process of being dragged. He suffered from traumatic brain injury and was bed ridden for months. Initially the person had undergone the CT scan which showed evidence of a hemorrhage. The ventricular portion was affected and damaged leading to brain edema. The patient also suffered from pneumonia, and septicemia. The CT scan showed regression in both sides of the subdural collection and affects the cerebral atrophy. For few months he could not open his eyes. He had to be orally fed and hence was able to get the necessary nutrition. He could even start talking after nearly seven months. However, the person is still facing problems such as depression, loss of confidence, double vision, frequent burst outs and mood disorders.

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Case For Traumatic Brain Injury

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How-Accquired-Brain-Injury-Affects-Our-Body-And-Everyday-Functioning      Brain injury is often said to be the most traumatic out of all. It is kind of an insult to the brain and often leads to many other disorders. The forces that control the brain often face complications in the form of irritability, depression, emotional disorders, loss of confidence and self esteem. The problems might cater to many other problems. More..




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Case For Traumatic Brain Injury )
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