Who Is Most At Risk For Brain Injury ?  

Brain injury might happen at any time. It might affect kids, adolescents, teens, youngsters or even elderly people. The brain injury might be either temporary a problem or a permanent one. Any kind of traumatic brain injuries might also affect some other parts either physically or psychologically. It was observed that nearly 1.4 million were subjected to brain injuries every year.

Head injury might take place if something has affected the skull either in a way of piercing further damaging the outer membrane. Although, traumatic brain injury might result into fatalities but sometimes the patient can survive if he or she goes through any kind of physical malfunctions. Recovery is often considered to be undertaken completely or partially. Normally young men are most affected by head or brain injuries followed by children.

The process of recovery might take anywhere from one year to ten years. The services involved should be handled by specialists since the process of recovery is very important and should be handled with care. Some patients can get recovered at the hospital itself whereas some would take months or years to recover. I predominantly depend on the gravity of the injury. Most men suffer from such injury after meeting with some terrible accidents. Nearly 70 percent of men suffer when they get involved in motor accidents and bike accidents.

The next affected are war soldiers who indulge into bullets, blasts and firings and the trauma often leads to head injuries. Kids or men involved in antisocial behavior account to nearly 10 percent of injuries and 44 percent encounter deaths. Rash driving, drug overdose might also lead to a brain injury. Mostly the age group in between 15-24 are most affected .The other category would be men involved in sports and other adventurous activities like car racing, boxing, wrestling.

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Who Is Most At Risk For Brain Injury ?

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Brain-Injuries-That-Cause-Balance-Problems      Brain injuries are often caused due to in excessive blood flow to the brain. Most of the injuries take place at the infant stage. Excessive supply of blood can lead to lot of problems which might affect the eye, ear, and brain or sometimes might even cause balance issues. Brain disorders, visual injuries, muscular injuries often lead to balance difficulties. Sometimes the person might face a sudden blackout or undergo motion sickness like nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and sweating. More..




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Who Is Most At Risk For Brain Injury ? )
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