Egg Whites Used For Food Poisoning  

Consumption of raw egg in any form is actively discouraged by the US Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The main fear is contamination of eggs by Salmonella enteritidis, a form of pathogenic bacteria.

The incidence of such infection is very low these days. Currently the occurrence of salmonella contamination is around one in 30000 eggs or about 0.0034 percent, which is insignificant.

Another potential danger is from contamination that could also take place during the process of the eggs exiting the cloaca of the female bird. So great care has to be exercised during this process to ensure the shell is kept away from fecal mater. In actual fact however, soon after they are laid, the eggs are washed in a sanitizing solution. Infection from undercooked and raw eggs may be directly linked to the conditions of sanitation in which the hens are housed.

Egg shells act as a hermetically sealed barrier that prevents the ingress of bacteria. But if the shell is cracked this natural protection is lost. Such an incident due to careless handling accounts for most forms of contamination.

Eggs have a natural defense system that keeps them uncontaminated when stored in a refrigerator. Nonetheless, health experts recommend consumption within two weeks.
The Egg Nutrition Centre advises that the egg white be completely cooked and the yolk starting to gel to ensure the egg is totally safe for consumption.

A good test of freshness is to place the egg in a bowl of water. When spoilt or stale, an egg will either float to the top or remain standing at the bottom.

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Egg Whites Used For Food Poisoning

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Egg Whites Used For Food Poisoning )
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