Employment Insurance And Injury Disability Claim  

Employment Insurance in Canada provides temporary financial relief to those who are between jobs, upgrading skills, are away from work for various reasons such as illness, childbirth, parenting or nursing a critically ill person at home. It also covers those who are unemployed through no fault of theirs such as a layoff.

To be eligible to make a claim, you must qualify by having worked a minimum of 420 to 700 insurable hours depending on where you reside. The period for which you receive benefits can range from 14 to 45 weeks depending on various factors. The quantum of benefit is 55 percent of your average insured earnings with a ceiling insurable limit of $ 42,300. The prevailing rate of premium in Canada is 1.73 percent up to the maximum limit mentioned above.

In the US, ‘Disability’ as classified by the Social Security Administration under the Social Security Disability Act covers anyone unable to be gainfully employed because of any physical, emotional or mental impairment which can be medically certified. The impairment should be such as expected to last a minimum of 12 consecutive months or longer and may result in death. To be eligible for a disability claim, you should have worked in the recent past, generally for at least 5 of the last 10 years.

In the event of an injury related disability claim, the doctor concerned would have to certify that your injury is severe enough to keep you away from work for the next 12 consecutive months.

The process of applying is rather complex and discourages many eligible sufferers. The quantum of benefit is a function of the amount you earned before the injury.

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Employment Insurance And Injury Disability Claim

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