Insurance Policy On Bodily Injury Coverage  

Insurance is absolutely necessary if you drive a car. In the event of your having an accident, the damages could be prohibitive, so economizing on vehicle insurance is a dangerous game leaving you vulnerable. Most states have made it mandatory to carry at least third-party cover.

This means that should you be responsible for an accident, your insurance company is liable to pay damages to anyone else involved as a result of your accident. This covers not merely bodily harm but includes property damage as well. In insurance parlance, such a policy is known by an 'a/b notation' where ‘a’ represents the coverage per person in thousands of dollars and ‘b’ the coverage per accident in the same units.

In your policy bodily injury relates to the amount of coverage you have, to compensate a third party for injuries sustained in an accident as a consequence of your fault. Your bodily injury coverage is intended to pay the medical and other related costs to third parties --  that is passengers in your car as well as passengers in the vehicle with which you have collided. This coverage also is applied to legal costs in settling lawsuits that may be proffered against you.

A safe recommended bodily injury ratio is 100/300. Going by the formula mentioned above, this means $100,000 coverage per person for injuries and $300,000 for the accident as a whole regardless of the number of people involved. Today’s high medical costs suggest the larger your bodily injury coverage is the safer you are.

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Insurance Policy On Bodily Injury Coverage

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