What Does An Eviction Show Up On ?  

The agencies which deal with credit reporting look out for the public documents which specially deal with the judgment of eviction cases and also match the names of the people in their databases with the public records they maintain.

Though your landlord may not report about your eviction, there is a high chance it is still found by these agencies and recorded.

Generally, the eviction shows up on the individual credit report within 30 days. Keep in mind that the eviction record may continue to show up on your credit report for almost seven years. If the judgment is negative during the court case, you may also end up getting “blacklisted” as one of the problem tenants. In fact there are various agencies which have huge databases of “blacklisted tenants” for various areas. If negative results show up, it can really affect you especially when you want to rent a house or an apartment. It would mostly result in a denial also.

It is also important to note that even the filing of an eviction case against a person would reflect on his credit report, regardless of whatever is the outcome of the case. In such cases, it may even be difficult to get a house in the case of very “picky” landlords.

Hence, it is better to avoid the risk of going through the court proceedings and documenting the judgment against your name, more so, if you are going to lose the eviction case. Try and deal with your landlord out of court and come up with an amicable settlement.

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What Does An Eviction Show Up On ?

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What Does An Eviction Show Up On ? )
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