Can I Build A Fence On My Property Line ?  

There is a saying that good fences make good neighbors; and how true this is.

If you build a fence where it should be built, it helps to outline and clearly define a property. A fence can make your neighbor happy or unhappy depending on where and how it is built. If you are thinking of building a fence around your property, you may be wondering can I build a fence on my property line.

The answer to this question is very simple. You can build a fence along and up to a property line but not on the property line. Your fence should be within the limits of your property. However, you can build a fence on your property line if you and your neighbor are going to be sharing the fence and both are in agreement upon the fence.

Therefore, when you are thinking of building a fence, be very careful about where you erect it. The property line may not be the best place for your fence. In addition, you also need to be sure that fences are allowed by your local zoning laws and regulations. And if they are, you should get all the details with regard to height, style, type and position. Many zoning restrictions are present in different areas for fences. Make sure you check the deed of your property to see if there are any neighborhood or sub-division restrictions placed on building of fences.

The next important thing to do is to verify where your property line is. This is best done by a professional land surveyor, who will create markers and corner pins, if they are not already present. These markers and corner pins are usually found driven into the ground and they will help you ensure that your fence is built within your property limits and not on the property line or a neighbor's property.

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Can I Build A Fence On My Property Line ?

How-Do-I-Find-Out-My-Property-Line      Usually all properties have surveying stakes, markers or corner pins driven into the ground that help to locate the property line and the property boundaries. Usually survey pins, also known as corner pins, are located at the corner of the property and are pipes that are 1/2 inch in diameter. Usually they are buried into the ground and that is why you will not be able to see them from the surface. More..




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Can I Build A Fence On My Property Line ? )
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