Where Do You Go To Determine Property Line ?  

When buying a home, one of the most important things that you need to do is determine the property line.

At this point you might be asking yourself where do you go to determine the property line and why do you need to do it. Well, the reason is simple. You may want to construct a fence or build additional structures. These things require you to know your property line so that you stay on the right of any building code and law.

Usually you can get a fair idea about your property line looking at a fence, if you house has one, or from the centerline of the street. While some people take into account the next door neighbor's property line and assume theirs is also the same. However, this is not accurate. In order to get an accurate property line, you should hire a qualified land surveyor.

A land surveyor will check already present boundary markers that are embedded into the ground. These markers are usually in the form of iron pipes, which are 1/2 inch in diameter and around 18 inches long. You cannot see them from the surface. A surveyor will check for these markers and in case they cannot be found, then the surveyor will look for the location of the markers using a subdivision plat. Subdivision plats for a property are usually available from the City Hall's Public Works Department or the Department of Land Records. Subdivision plats also show the shape and dimension of the property along with the location of the property markers.

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Where Do You Go To Determine Property Line ?

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Where Do You Go To Determine Property Line ? )
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