List Of Property Taxes  

Property taxes are often referred to as ad valorem tax or commercial tax. Property tax is usually charged against real estate property or anything that has some value owned by an individual or company. Property tax is collected by the IRS in the US. Furthermore, to the usual property tax that is levied on the real estate property, it can also be charged against some valuable property owned by someone like yachts, expensive collectors' items, business inventory or taxes on immovable property.

Property taxes collected by states are done by the Department of Revenue of that particular state. For a state this is one of the major sources of revenue collection to carry out certain welfare activities for the state. One good thing about the property tax is that it can be shown as one of the legal reason for getting the income tax deduction.

Evaluator uses the unique identification numbers like Assessors Parcel Number to assist them and also individuals in tax filing course.

The rate of the property tax varies in different states. For instance, in New Jersey, it can rise up to 17.4 percent, whereas in Louisiana, it is merely 0.14 percent.

The intention for which the property is used plays a significant aspect in the assessment of property value and tax. The reasons are many which can be justified as below:

For instance, it depends on the property is being used for profit making or just letting out on lease.

The property is industrialized, money-making type or for manufacturing intentions.

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List Of Property Taxes

What-Is-Property-Tax-Used-For      Property tax is the tax, which is the duty charged by the government on an individual’s possession. The present estimate of the possessed property is calculated and the due tax is calculated with the present rate. This tax varies according to various jurisdictions in which the possessed property lies. More..




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