What Is Property Tax Used For ?  

Property tax is the tax, which is the duty charged by the government on an individual’s possession. The present estimate of the possessed property is calculated and the due tax is calculated with the present rate. This tax varies according to various jurisdictions in which the possessed property lies.More...

List Of Property Taxes

List Of Property Taxes

Property taxes are often referred to as ad valorem tax or commercial tax. Property tax is usually charged against real estate property or anything that has some value owned by an individual or company. Property tax is collected by the IRS in the US. Furthermore, to the usual property tax that is levied on the real estate property, it can also be charged against some valuable property owned by someone like yachts, expensive collectors' items, business inventory or taxes on immovable property.More...


How To Lower Property Tax ?

How To Lower Property Tax

If you own a house, you need to pay property tax no matter where the house is located. Each state has its own rates of property tax, depending on the cost of the land and any development made on it. Generally, a state charges at an average of 1 to 2 percent. It may be higher in some places if the value of the house is more.More...



How To Legally Eliminate All Property Taxes ?

How To Legally Eliminate All Property Taxes

By definition any individually owning any property in his or her name is liable to pay tax for it. This tax will also be paid for possession of any land. If in case an owner is not able to arrange for taxes or does not desire for the same, following are the few suggestions.More...



What States Have No Property Tax ?

What States Have No Property Tax

There are few states in the United States which do not impose any income tax such as Wyoming, Washington, Texas, South Dakota, Nevada, Florida and Alaska. There are also states who charge income tax on the amount received from interests or dividends like New Hampshire and Tennessee.More...





List of property taxes - How to legally eliminate all property taxes? - Calculate property taxes

Calculate-Property-Taxes      A smart individual is the one who plans his/her property tax in advance to fit that into his or her yearly budget. To achieve this aptly, the knowledge of property estimate, local assessment rates and the next year’s tax rates are prerequisites. The government websites will give information regarding property tax for the forthcoming year. More..




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